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Erith Technologies.
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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

We use smart sensors to mine data from your operations to gain insight. This data is used to make effective business decisions that will transform you business from zero to hero.

Cloud Analytics Modernization

We specialize in IoT/IIoT ecosystem installations. We offer these in manufacturing, agriculture, retail, warehousing, medical, and waste. 

We have created lean manufacturing packages using IoT technology, optimization plug and play solutions.

Versatility in Application

Our applications range from artificial intelligence, deep learning, block chain technology in our solutions to ensure that you get intelligent applications.

Clean Tech - Solar installations and Waste Optimization services are available. We are build green economies and green factories.

Data Science Acceleration

Data is the new gold. We have inhouse expertise that can use data analytics to bring insights that can revolutionize your business.

Full Customer Experience Service

We bring the extra sauce, yes, SaaS, Eaas, and more. We offer innovative software services that optimize and bring financial gains to support business operations. We can also design it with you.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

IoT is no longer a buzz word, we are implementing it. We are using it to transform industries through digitalization. Big data, AI, SaaS, EaaS, IoT and clean energy is our expertise.
Most industries, especially SMME’s can’t afford high tech solutions, let alone industrial engineers because the costs are relatively high.

With our creative business model, your business doesn't have to be left out. You have have to think critically how to do business differently to remain competitive.


Our subscription model fits perfectly with your business needs.

- low risk adoption

- high returns

- quick impact 

- value for money

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