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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Cloud Analytics Modernization

We are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by transforming companies through digitalization and internet of things. We turn ordinary factories into smart  factories. We are penetrating this sector first because is easy to penetrate and ready for innovative solutions

We offer IoT sensors and installation, IoT platform & Cloud/ERP intergration, backend, frontend, design thinking and many more

Data Science Acceleration

Data collected from the installed IoT architecture will be analyzed by us on your behalf. We will use the data to design solutions that will optimize business operation, improve human capital or digitalize tedious processes. We can bring turn your business from CAPEX to OPEX

This applies to all our targeted markets.

Versatility in Application

Our solutions include other technologies to enhance the capabilities and bring excellence. Typical use cases incl. Line Balancing 4.0 (line balancing is done using sensors and deep learning)

Digi-WorK Instruction (digital work instructions using AI that tell the operator the best way to work)

augmented maintenance 

These are just a few examples of how we have added versatility in our solutions so that your business remains competitive.

Blockchain is an extra layer of security to prevent hacking and smart contracts

Full Customer Experience Service

Customized software and apps that are tailored for your business to improve the operation and efficiency of staff. SaaS is truly the flagship division of the business because of the tremendous potential is can bring when we apply our minds. 

- Cloud manufacturing - information sharing with suppliers on one cloud

- Inventory tracking (even throughout the supply chain)

- OEE monitor app

- Escalation alert sms (quick reaction)

- digital job card systems

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Old machines? No IT infrastructure or perhaps you don't have and ERP system. Even you can innovate.

The IoT infrastructure integrates with your ecosystem. 

We also offer EaaS (Equipment as a service) 

Our pricing are subscription based (see pricing page)

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