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Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized leaders that provide quality services, and always strive to create sustainable
value chains while driving tech excellence that will take our customers to new frontiers.


Our Story

Erith started in 2019, in a small cubicle in a research laboratory. Lean manufacturing and WCM deployment were our expertise. So to conceptualize the 4th industrial revolution in those methodologies was very easy. 

We knew that most SMMEs within the South Market didn't know what good looks like. There was an underlying pressure they were facing, yet they have the potential to be the backbone of the economy. Provided they given the right tools and the right support. 

We saw a gap that we could use IoT as a vehicle to transforming these industries to building the needed capacity.

Fast forward to 2022, our a vision became a reality. Walking into our first clients' plant, saftey shoes and all, turning one ordinary factory into a smart factory.

Sinegugu Tshabalala is an experience Industrial Engineering, pursuing her masters in Industrial Engineering, with research in Internet of Things. She has 10 years of industry experience in various sectors such as automotive, manufacturing and FMCG. She is now running a tech start up implementing IoT; she calls herself the Elon Musk of Africa. Bold, but she is determined to see it happen. 

She's the founder of Erith Technologies, where precise optimization happens.

Erith is not about Sinegugu, but its a platform to empower, promote growth, to innovate but most importantly to collaborate. It will take a team of unified, intelligent minds to rebuild our economy using technology.

This is using technology to solve Africa's problems.

Experienced Leadership

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